Toning up Thursday – eggplant trials

So, to cut to the chase, I lost a whopping .4 pounds this week to drop down to 141.6. That’s disappointing because at that pace, I’m not going to reach the goal of 130 by the end of the semester. However, to be honest, I was fully expecting to step on the scale and find that I had gained weight this week, so the fact that I kept losing, even if just a little, was a relief. Plus, if I really want to find the silver lining, if I compare this loss to last weigh-ins .2 pound loss, I’ve doubled my weight loss!

How am I doing with the goals? I still haven’t caved in to fast food. I did meet with students on two occasions in the school dining hall this week, so we’ll see if that catches up to me next week. And, I mostly am back on track with the water goal. I only missed it by one day and a few ounces. I can tell it’s becoming more of a habit because once I decided that I really needed to get back into the water habit, it wasn’t nearly as hard to drink the water as it was when I first started the challenge. Exercise — still a no go. But, it’s sinking in that I’m not going to hit 130 before the end of the semester or even before Christmas without it.

I did make a new recipe this week — eggplant involtini. It comes in at under 350 calories per serving, which made me feel a-ok about pairing it with some bread. And, I thought it was yummy. Coming from a girl who has a love/hate (or at least love/ambivalent) relationship with eggplant and who doesn’t rank Italian at the top of her favorites list, yummy is a fairly positive accolade.

However, before you run off to make this recipe, you should know some things about it.

  1. It is the anti-thesis of fast food. Eggplant involtini is the yin to fast food yang (or something like that). I got home from work at 6:20 on Monday evening and still had more work to do, but I also had bought the ingredients over the weekend and didn’t want them to go bad. I pulled out the recipe and saw these words of doom: hands-on time: 68 min., total time: 1 hr. 33 min.  I almost turned away, thinking “I’ll make that tomorrow” and “Well, eggplants can keep for awhile, right?” But, then, I also thought, “This job will not consume my life. I will make a decent dinner. I will not eat scrambled eggs tonight!” Less logical thinking prevailed, and before I knew it, the kitchen and I were coated in tomato seeds and eggplant trimmings.
  2. The time estimate is not kidding. I discovered this as I sat down after 8:00 to eat. And, I didn’t even grate the cheese or toast the pine nuts. And, pressing garlic? Psh…no way. That comes from a jar in my fridge.
  3. Short-cuts exist This probably should be a “thank you, Captain Obvious” observation, but just in case you miss it too, there are shortcuts to this recipe. I failed to recognize until I was 30 minutes and several chopped tomatoes into the process that all I was doing was making tomato sauce from scratch. Uh. Ok. They sell that in stores. Did the recipe taste better thanks to the homemade sauce? Yes. Was I proud of making homemade tomato sauce for the first time? Yes. Would I make homemade sauce again on a school night? That’s doubtful. If this recipe gets made again mid-week, I’m going to be inviting Mama Ragu or Mr. Prego as guest chefs.

So, there you have it. Eggplant involtini tastes good and probably was a contributor to me losing another .4 pounds since my activity level is still coming it at just above the “bump on a log” category. But, this is  a weekend recipe (unless you have sous chef or a jar of tomato sauce).