Toning up Thursday

Ugh…what a week. See, last Friday, I discovered a little scheduling oversight. I had set a ton of quilting goals, and I knew that this week at work would be nearly unmanageable, but I promised myself that if I could make it to the 14th, I’d let myself quilt all day, and I’d be able to get everything quilted up by its deadline. Then, on Friday, my plans imploded. I realized that I forgot that I will be on campus nearly all day Saturday and for almost the entire afternoon on Sunday. How did I miss that? The date has been on the master school calendar since last year! So, now, I’m trying to tenaciously work through the quilting goals still. Trust me, there’s been a string of long nights and a heap of quilting going on around here, but there hasn’t been time to blog about it too. The PA Fabric Outlet had the gall to send me their postcard announcing their 50% off sale yesterday, and I can’t go until after all the craziness clears. NOoooO! My bloglovin’ feed is stuffed to the gills with quilting blog posts I haven’t had time to read. Really, it’s approaching torture.

Seeing as how all that was going to happen, I gave myself permission to forget the exercise goals for the week entirely. Sometimes, I’ve just got to throw my hands in the air and say, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” I knew I wasn’t going to exercise (unless we count trying to book it from one office to the other on campus in my heels with land speeds approaching that of a cheetah). To be honest, I’ve been drinking water, but I lost track of how many wins and losses there were in that category  this week. I do know that my car did not go through any drive thru windows this week (except for the one at the bank). I even made myself turn around to get my salad one day because I knew if I didn’t, I could land at some shady place for lunch.

And, somehow, I’m still going in the right direction. Last week, I weighed in at 143 and now I’m down to 142.2. It’s not anything to shoot off fireworks about, but it’s not gaining any weight back either, so I’ll take it for the week, put my head down, and try to hang in there until the 21st. I don’t think I have anything that I have to do on that day. I’ll just try not to think about how that day is still over a week away.

3 thoughts on “Toning up Thursday

  1. I know! It’s a juggling act! I made it to yoga tonight but I do not think my scales will register a loss this week, maybe I will be surprised tomorrow a.m.! I splurged on portabella mushrooms for my lunch today, YIKES! I think steak is cheaper by the pound! Travel safe in those heels those WIP’s aren’t going anywhere, they’ll be there when you slow down! 😉

    • Yay for making it to yoga. I think sometimes no matter what the scale says, you have to give yourself a pat on the back for making the time to do something good for yourself. And, well, sometimes it’s just too tough to pass up portabella mushrooms 🙂 Yum!

  2. “…trying to book it from one office to the other on campus in my heels with land speeds approaching that of a cheetah” — love this mental picture. & if you do it enough times, it totally counts!

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