Sunday Stash – getting ready for Christmas

Normally, I’m the girl who violently reacts to any Christmas music before Thanksgiving. Everything has its season, and Christmas gets its season after Thanksgiving.. So, it feels weird that I’m getting ready to start a Christmas project, but I suppose that starting a Christmas quilt after Thanksgiving might be waiting too long.

I just finished Christa’s string of pearls quilt along,  and now I’m gearing up to start her modern Christmas quilt along.

Christa modern tree photo

I have several other quilt projects waiting in the wings with most or all of the fabric purchased, so I was trying to resist the quilt along. But, then I realized that I already have the rulers that I need. I have no idea why I bought them many moons ago, but I’m glad that I realized they were mixed into my quilting supplies. And then I started thinking, “Well, some modern trees created from fun geometric prints could look amazing.” And, then I remembered all that Robert Kaufman green fabric that I picked up for a steal of $4 a yard during my recent fabric shopping adventure.

I’ve raided my stash and come up with this mix (and I’m liking up with this week’s Sunday stash over at Negligent Style)KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI think I still need one more green solid that falls somewhere on the spectrum between the light and dark one, and I’ll need to get some background fabric once Christa releases the measurements, but I’m excited to get started on the quilt soon.

Is anyone else planning on joining in?

Oh, I almost forgot something I wanted to mention! Christa is a nominee in this year’s Martha Stewart American Made contest.  How cool is that! I’ve been happy to show her some love by sending some votes her way. I’m glad to see her get recognition since as a  beginning quilter, I’ve found her quilt alongs so accessible and her personal involvement in them so encouraging. I love quilting, but I think finding a blogging community that supports it is part of what helped me stick with it. Voting stays open until September 13th if you want to go check out Christa’s profile; I’ve had fun browsing the other categories as well to see the creativity of so many individuals.

And, finally, don’t forget the Sunday Funday giveaways for today. I’m going to have some really late nights if I’m going to execute my original plan of giving a sneak peek of a quilt when I post my giveaway next Sunday. I thought I’d have all day next Saturday to quilt until I realized that I lost track of dates and need to be at the school all day for a Communication program retreat. Ouch. The retreat is a great kickoff, but how can I get that quilting crammed in this week? Hm…how much sleep do people really need?

Sunday Funday Giveaway Party

3 thoughts on “Sunday Stash – getting ready for Christmas

  1. Cool. I’m having my eye on the QAL. I really enjoy her tuts even though I’m not quilting along. Many helpful tips for sure. Thanks for linking up to Sunday Stash.

  2. Love this pattern! If I start now, it might be ready Christmas 2015! Looking up Christa now and casting my vote for her. I also added your blog to my reading list!

    • Jessica, I hope you do join the quilt along. And, Christmas 2015…sure, why not! I will say that Christa does let you move along at your own pace, so you don’t have to feel rushed. Thanks for following! Be sure to check back on Sunday for the fabric giveaway; I’m excited to launch my first giveaway.

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