Star Surround QAL – Star Center

This week’s step in the star surround quilt along was so much fun. Up until now, we’ve just been putting foundational pieces together, but this week, the colors and shape of the quilt started to emerge in a real way. I’m happy with the way my star looks (ignore that pesky bug that landed on the star during the photo shoot), and I’ve had fun seeing other quilters posting their own stars over at Melissa’s linky page for this week. This QAL is still going strong with 42 posters so far this week, and I’m sure quite a few more will link up over the weekend. One of the aspects of quilting that I like so much is how a basic pattern can take on so many looks as each quilter comes up with a unique color scheme and combination of fabrics.

The super weird part about this week is that I almost enjoyed ironing the block. The star looked so different pre and post ironing that the ironing step went from drudgery to anticipatory this time around.  There are only a few more steps to this QAL, so by early September everything should be all done. I’m eager to see how that black surround for the star works out since I had to do a little fabric switcheroo when I found out that I didn’t have enough of my first choice.


5 thoughts on “Star Surround QAL – Star Center

  1. Your block looks fantastic!! The point is just perfect, and I totally agree, one – I love ironing when finishing blocks and seeing it all come together and two – seeing one pattern in many ways is one of my all time favorite parts of quilting!!

    • Thanks, Melissa, for hosting this QAL. It’s so much fun, and it seems like the pacing for each week is just right to stay caught up.

  2. Oooh! Jessica, these are looking fabulous. Love the way the colors are coming together. I am enjoying doing this in smaller steps too. Not as rushed. Can’t wait until we get the top together.

    • Thanks! I’m starting to run the options for quilting through my head because we are getting that close!

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