Toning up Thursday – sad edition

So, I’m back for the third tone up Thursday. If you missed the first one, you can go back and read my goals. This week is the sad edition because things didn’t go so well this week, but I committed to reporting in on Thursdays, so here it is. And, I’m going to dust myself off and keep going because one bad week isn’t worth giving up over. I want to fit back into my pants…sooner rather than later.

Fast food goal – As I suspected when I posted last week’s update, I did wind up using one of my fast food passes because our work lunch was catered by Chik Fil A. Bummer. So, I have two fast food passes to use wisely between now and New Years. The good news is that when I was driving home from my parent’s house, I wanted a nice Frosty… or a donut. And, I resisted. No fast food bags on the floor boards of the car for me. I have a feeling a side bonus of this whole goal is going to be a cleaner car.

Water goal – I’m becoming increasingly attached to my water bottle. I can’t remember for sure if I got my water all in me on Tuesday, which is the day that I had my Lasik surgery. I was sleeping for a good portion of the day to give my eyes a nice foundation for healing. But, on a few other days, I managed to have the water finished before bed time. That’s a good sign. It means it was more of a habit to carry it during the day.

Exercise goal – epic fail. I got in no exercise. I could blame the Lasik surgery, but that wouldn’t be acknowledging that I had Thursday through Monday to fit in two workouts. Or, I could blame the fact that I have kitchen trim blocking the floor in my living room that is already a tight squeeze for workout videos, but that wouldn’t be acknowledging that we’ve had absolutely beautiful weather, so the great outdoors would have been a great place to get out and get moving. This weekend, I need to make it a priority to get out for a walk. The eye doctor said I could go back to normal activities the day after surgery, but since tae-bo wasn’t exactly normal before, I’m going to give my eyes a safe two weeks of healing before I start bouncing all around. I hope by then the trim is out of the living room also. But, walks in the meantime are doable.

Total weight report – gained almost three and a half pounds from last week. Ugh. That was super discouraging. I’m hoping some of it is fluid retention of the female monthly variety (sorry, guy readers, just keeping it real). But, I know some of it is fast food and lack of exercise…oh, and some really, really good caramel brownie cheesecake.

But, you know what? It’s a new week, and I turned down a free snickerdoodle cookie at lunch today and ate frozen grapes for my dessert after dinner. So, here we go. I set reasonable goals, and I can do this.