Quilt alongs – progress and more progress

Downstairs has been drywall chaos today, so that seemed an opportune moment to lock myself in the third floor sewing room with the dog to make some quilt along progress. I wound up getting the back for my String of Pearls quilt along at Christa’s quilts all finished. I’m super, super happy with how it turned out. On my little graph paper plan that I posted the other day, the horizontal lines of black and color were just supposed to be 2 inch strips. The original plan didn’t have black borders above or below the 2 inch line. But, while  I was cutting up the gray fabric, I realized that I still wasn’t going to have enough. I adjusted on the fly, and that wound up being a happy accident because I think I like the bolder, bulkier horizontal lines better than I would have the thin 2 inch lines, and I like how the little colored patches are somewhat floating on a sea of black now.

flying geese bunchI’ve also got all my flying geese put together for the star surround quilt along. I’m going to be biting my nails until I see how they get used because I had to trim more than little dog ears at the edges of the triangles to get everything squared up, and I can see that I don’t have a 1/4 inch at the top of some of the geese, so I’m hoping I don’t wind up clipping wings too badly. Maybe I can fudge it a bit on the seams. I also accidentally grabbed the wrong size square from my cut fabric pile and sliced it diagonally. I’m plum out of that red, so if I can’t make the sliced in half piece work in the appropriate step, I’m going to have to track down more of this red and cross my fingers that the dye lot is really close. Fortunately, it’s a Kona color, so I’m hoping my chances are at least decent.

flying geese lineThe light on the third floor isn’t the best for capturing red, but here’s a closeup that shows the subtle pattern in the black fabric. I normally love straight up solid fabrics, and I’ve seen many other quilt along participants using solids that look amazing, but I’m glad that I went with a little bit of texture.

Woo hoo! Maybe tonight I can even sweep the floor on the third floor and get the string of pearls quilt laid out and spray basted. I have to make myself work on my syllabus tonight for the upcoming semester though, so I’ll see how much more happens on the third floor. Even if nothing else quilting gets done today, I’m still thrilled with my progress.

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