My Friday night date with Crown

Yep, it’s true, tonight my date is Crown…crown moulding.

Side note: So I don’t seem incredibly pathetic (even though I really have only been on one date in the past 17 months), I did have a friend who offered to hang out tonight, but I knew after sitting in a leadership conference for two days straight, my introvert side might need a little nurturing.

If I list the house at spring break, that means that the last of the projects around here need to get done. One of them is putting the final layer of drywall mud on some ceilings and then installing a low-profile crown moulding.  Both of those projects are outside of my skill range, so I’m grateful that I tracked down Michael, someone at work who has these skills.

Earlier this week, I picked up some samples of moulding from Snavely’s, the local lumber yard. The friendly staff there sent me home with four different samples, and Michael and I picked one that would complement the already existing historic trim of the house.

Today when I pulled into the garage, I saw that Michael was kind enough to drop the trim off for me. I don’t want to hold him up in his work, so I figured I’d better get painting. If there is one thing that I’ve learned in life, it’s that trim is always, always better painted off the walls and then installed whenever that is possible. This is an especially true fact if the trim is going to be tucked behind kitchen cabinets, against an extra high ceiling and against a faux painted wall that could not easily be touched up.

work sandals

I didn’t want to spend the evening painting, but sometimes, a girl just has to stop whining, put on her super disgusting, dog-chewed work sandals and multicolored paint shorts, and she has to get to work.

drop cloth first rollThe first step was to prep the living room, so I retrieved my 25 foot roll of plastic drop cloth from the basement. Everyone has 25 feet of plastic drop cloth in the basement, right?  NoticeI don’t exceed at visualizing how long building materials are. This picture shows the plastic rolled out to what I thought the approximate length of the moulding was as I pulled up a mental snapshot of the garage.

moulding into dining roomHere’s how long the moulding actually was. I’ll let you decide if Deogi is making his you’re-an-idiot face or his this-is-the-most-exciting-thing-that’s-happened-around-here-all-day face. At any rate, I was not in the mood to work on painting in the garage because the mosquitoes around here are vicious. After about five minutes outside, I’m dancing around so much due to biting pests that onlookers probably think I’m working on some type of chicken dance — cha cha slide combined resurrection tribute.

special chairTo be sure, the project is causing chaos. If anyone wants to come to dinner now, we can fight over who gets to sit in the living room chair that had to move to make room for the moulding. Of course, we’ll have to find an alternative spot for all the stuff that is piled on the table since the kitchen walls and countertops had to be cleared in preparation for the dust storm that Michael will create as he sands down the drywall.

I’m getting used to the kitchen walls being naked. I was seriously stressed out every time I walked in that room for the first 2-3 days after I moved everything out. It didn’t feel like home; I felt like I was supposed to be grabbing boxes and packing. But, I’ll give Michael kudos. The stuff probably could have stayed where it was. He is the neatest drywaller  I’ve ever seen. Out of three rooms worth of ceiling work, I only found two small spots of mud on the floor or counter that had escaped his clean-up attention. I was so happy, I almost teared up. But, I know that there’s only so much he can do about the dust. Even wet sanding isn’t going to leave the room completely clean.

So, that’s what I’m up to tonight. The primer coat is dry, so it’s time for me to go see if the old bucket of ceiling paint in the basement is still ok to use. If not, I guess it’ll be an early morning of getting up to go buy paint. If yes, then I’ll fire up Netflix for another episode of Monk and get painting.