WIP Wednesday – keeping up with the quilt alongs

Last night, I promised myself some quilting time after I was done teaching my four hour evening class. By the time I went to bed around 3, I felt like I had been hit by a truck.

Star Quilt Along choice oneYou might remember this fabric that I picked out for the Star Surround Quilt Along. I was excited to get it cut last night, but then, my heart was crushed a little when I found out that a fat quarter of the black and white fabric wasn’t going to be nearly enough to give me what I needed to make the quilt. Since I promised myself to pull everything for this one from my stash, I then set off auditioning potential fabrics.

star surround fabricsThis isn’t the best picture, but this is what I came up with. I decided that the center star will be the yellow and gray. The surround will be black with the white texture, and the background will be red. I’m not quite as excited about these color choices, but I think the quilt will still turn out fine. I did find some fun red and white fabric that has strong potential to become the back of the quilt.

I also had to get to work cutting out my block pieces for Megan’s Star, this month’s Modern Quilt Along block. Again, disappointment set in because I wanted to make this block into a full 40X40 baby quilt, but after I fell in love with the fabrics that I was putting together, I discovered that I don’t have nearly enough to make a 40×40 block. Let me tell you, I did sooooo much math and  even hunted down a  geometry calculators online only to discover that I was going to make the original sized block after all. Sigh…math for nothing.

Megan's star fabricsI don’t like making blocks just to make them, so I’m trying to figure out what I’ll do with this block. Right now, I’m leaning towards adding some borders to it, so it can become a small pillow for a rocker in a nursery or a little kiddo’s bed. I’m open to suggestions. I guess I’ll have to see what the assembled block looks like before I know for sure what I want to do.

And, now since the feeling of being hit by a truck was only partially due to fabric woes and math calculations, I’m off to take a nap. I managed to pick up a nasty summer head cold, and I’m hoping that sleep will help cure it because ideally I’d wake up refreshed and ready to bust out a rough draft of my syllabus for this semester — one of my least favorite tasks of teaching.
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4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – keeping up with the quilt alongs

  1. I think it will be great. I am doing yellow too! I think it is impossible to make one that looks bad. I agonized over my choices too. The red is going to be nice. Good contrast.

  2. I hate that disappointment! I ran into the same thing with my Swoon… I just don’t have enough of one of the colors I wanted to use in my stash.. But I don’t have any colors I can use in place of it, so I am just going to have to be VERY good on my shopping trip to replace it 😉 Love your fabric pulls!

    • Anna, I just hopped over to your blog and peeked at the elephant fabric that you’re using for your Swoon blocks. It’s over the top adorable. And, the words, “be good” and “fabric shop” are sooooo hard to fit into the same sentence, are they not? May you find no more than what you really need for the Swoon block plus one thing you can’t resist 😉

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