Emotional make-over

Here’s a little project that I worked on over July 4th weekend. My sister had decorated her room in gray. I thought it looked nice, but she hates winter and said all the gray made for a depressing  winter. I told her I could make the sacrifice of going fabric shopping, so she could get new fabric for the curtains. I mean, it was going to really stretch me to go fabric shopping, but anything for family 🙂

Then, Jillian got here and said, “I want my curtain fabric to look a little like the old sheets that I had on my bed. You know, the ones with the yellow, blue, and pink flowers.”

I said, “Well, they didn’t have pink flowers. Do you want them back? They are still in my guest room closet because you gave them to me.”

She said she would take them, so now I was down a set of sheets and a fabric shopping trip. Me and my big mouth…

But, she did do some painting for me in exchange for the sewing I did for her. And, I will admit her room does look brighter now.

Jillian's bed before and afterJillian said that now she needs to find a blue bedskirt. I reminded her that I have a white one that I took from her too. But, she can have that back. It will help me clean the linen closet. And, she said I can have the gray comforter to see if I like it better in my black and white room. I guess giving up sheets to get a comforter is a fair trade.

Jillian's window before and after

2 thoughts on “Emotional make-over

  1. That looks nice, brighter and some good shoe organizing is going on there too! I need one of those:)

    • My sister is definitely one of the most organized people I know. I’ve thought about hiring her to be my personal home organizer before, but then I don’t because she’d make me throw everything away 🙂

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