Hero dad!

Oh man, it’s so hot here today. It’s walk across the yard once and feel sweat rolling down your back hot. It’s walk outside and feel like a deflated balloon hot. It’s crank up all the air conditioners in the house hot.

So, what did I do today?

Well, remember this crazy mess?

deck support pulled out

My mom and dad both made plans weeks ago to drive out today to help me with this mess. Dad was a trooper and a hero. The previous homeowners just left wire stapled to the side of the deck, so we spent the morning fishing PVC piping conduit along the bottom fence post and then fishing the wire through that. It seems much more protected from the weather now.

And, shout out to the neighbor too since she gave me all the PVC piping for free. It was left over from a failed awning project in her yard, and she told me I could take as much as I needed. If I decide to move (and manage to find a buyer for the house), it will be sad to leave her behind. She’s a great neighbor.

So, back to hero dad. The wire had to be made longer, so there he was outside in the hot, hot weather in the last remaining tiny patch of shade to get everything disconnected and reconnected. Then, we came in for lunch and a chance to cool down.

Then, round two was after lunch in the hottest part of the day —  the 10-3 window that the news is constantly reminding us to weather indoors at this time. Not dad and I, he took his saw outside and helped me destroy the framing of the deck. We got that done in the direct sunlight. Seriously, it was so hot that at one point I wasn’t thinking, and I handed the crow bar over to my dad. He had to drop it because it was so hot. I had gloves on, so I hadn’t recognized our tools had turned into flaming rods of steel.

Then, we came back inside. Did I mention it was so hot?

Then, we went back out for one more round. I pulled a giant fan out of the basement and set it up in the garage, so it could at least keep the air moving around us as we cut the deck frame down into lengths short enough for me to either funnel out to the trash over the next couple weeks or take to dump in one big trip (or maybe a combo of both). I don’t think Gretel can quite handle all that wood in one trip.

walkway destroyedHere’s the backyard now. Obviously, there is still work to be done because a new walk has to be installed, but the wonderful part is that now the work can be done. That wire and framing were holding up the installation of the new walkway. Now, I have two guys from the college who are interested in installing the pavers for the new walk.

So, bottom line, long term planning is a good idea. If I’d been thinking harder about moving, I wouldn’t have destroyed the old wood walk. I’d have let it go because this project has been quite a bit of hassle, and I doubt it’s adding anything to the resale value of the house. I also wouldn’t have taken boards off the ramp that I’m not going to keep because then I wouldn’t be facing the task of putting those boards back on the ramp (probably Sunday or Monday when this heat wave breaks).

Super bottom line — thanks, dad! You’re an amazing person to help me with a mess of my own making on one of the craziest, hottest days of the year.