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I particularly dislike it when people say OMG. It’s a little too close to dragging God’s name through the mud for me, so though I’m not a fan of cursing, I’d probably just prefer they straight up curse if that’s what they want to do. Then, I just know that perhaps “using their words” as we tell young kids to do is failing them in the moment.

With that said, I get why OMG has snuck into the our language, or at least, I have a hunch that is completely devoid of any empirical linguistic research evidence. Sometimes, we do just encounter an event that boggles us – we want to express dismay, disbelief, and  general shock. Maybe we are after all trying to tell God about it.

But, in light of the fact that I don’t want to use OMG and that cursing at my workplace is quite clearly frowned upon, I’d like to propose that “Oh, YKM!” move into our speech. I know to make it do so, I’ll have to reprogram the world to forget that in texting it’s become the substitute for “You’re killing me.” Because, instead, I’d like it to mean, “Oh, you’re kidding me!” Think about it. Wouldn’t “Oh, YKM!” be a great way to quickly express dismay, disbelief, and general shock when saying, “Oh, you’re kidding me!” would take too long or seem too harsh?

“Oh, YKM!”  I just realized I could have been using this phrase all week.

For example, when I came home after the Monday to beat all Mondays and found a dead mouse in the trap by the couch, I could have sighed loudly and said, “Oh, YKM!”  as I slumped my shoulders in despair.

Or, when that crazy driver was in a super rush to pull out in front of me a few day ago and then determined to drive about five miles per house, I could have shaken my hand at the windshield saying, “Oh, YKM!”

Or, when my email inbox topped 800 — again — I could have just curled up under my desk whimpering, “Oh, YKM.” No, actually, the full, “Oh, you’re kidding me” would work better in that situations.

Or, last week, when I fell through one of the holes in my walkway with such a lack of grace that my shoes flew off, I grasped to the fence for dear life, and I found myself standing barefoot in a mound of loose dirt, I could have said, “Oh, YKM!”

Yes, I’m liking this new expression. The next time life serves up an order of crazy with a side of chaos, I’m going to use it.

4 thoughts on “New word of the week

  1. I don’t see why it couldn’t catch on. How do these other expressions spread? I really have no idea. And I’ve often had that experience on the road, too: someone pulls out in front of me as though they need to get somewhere in a big hurry, then they slow down to well below the speed limit.

  2. I Think that is a fantastic idea…..I can tell you that earlier today when I first read this I was in class and knocked all the books off my friends desk. and I said “Oh, YKM!” and gave me an open lead way into introducing it to others.

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