Easy Potato Crockpot soup

Wow, between the vacation and the vacation jet lag, I’ve been terrible at keeping this blog lately. This past week if I had to pick one adjective to describe me, I would use (drum roll please) undergraduate. Seriously, it’s as if I’ve reverted to my college days. Want to know what I did the night before a committee meeting at work? I spent time organizing my quilting patterns from Pinterest into a master Word document with pictures on one side of the page and required yardage on the other. My esteemed colleagues would be so impressed, right? I paid the price for that because I then had to stay up until 3:30 in the morning to get my committee homework finished (does waiting until the night before sound like anyone else’s undergraduate life patterns?). It wasn’t exactly an all-nighter, but it’s about as close as an almost 32 year old can get to one.

Last week I didn’t technically meet my goal of creating something new, but I did organize quite a few of those quilting patterns. That came in really handy when I went shopping with my 25% purchase coupon to the fabric store. It makes me happy whenever a cashier says that I saved more than I spent. For a minute, when I heard those words, I got confused and then thought that I was in Kohl’s instead of the fabric store. I gathered up some fun teals and yellows for a quilt along with this sweet little pink fabric that I’m going to use for a faux chenille blanket. Maybe I’ll get some fabric pictures posted, but then again, I still have two vacation posts to go, and this week is going to be chock full of cooking projects and some creativity.

I’ve already made one new thing this week. I made “Jane’s Potato soup” from Paula Deen herself. Well, actually I got the recipe from this blogger, who only used two cans of chicken broth, instead of the three called for from Paula Deen herself. I like a thick potato soup, so less broth was fine by me though the cream cheese on day one was just a tad overwhelming and some extra broth might have been a help. Also, Paula Deen doesn’t specify the can size, so if 10 oz cans are compared to the 14 oz, I think the difference all comes out in the wash.

No one has ever asked me any questions about this recipe, but if they were to ask them, here is what I’d imagine they would (or should) be:

  1. Is this soup easy to make? Ridiculously easy! Open the crock pot twice, toss in ingredients, and you’re done. You don’t even need utensils except for the spoon you stir the soup with (I buy my onions pre-chopped in the frozen foods section.) Also, switch to a slightly smaller spoon while eating so you don’t look like a barbarian.
  2. This is supposed to be in the crockpot for 5 hours, but I’m going to work 12 hours and then run a marathon. Will the soup be ok when I get back? Um…probably not. I’m actually going to say that I think 5 hours means roughly 5 hours for this recipe. That makes this a great soup to make on Sunday afternoon. You can eat if for Sunday dinner, have if for lunch Monday-Thursday, and still have enough left over to leave a serving in the fridge for one lucky co-worker. Unless, of course, you have kids and a spouse that you’re feeding. Then, I’m a little jealous of you in many facets of life, but maybe not so much in the area of cooking. More soup for me.
  3. Is this soup healthy? I did mention that this is a Paula Deen recipe, right? There are 8 oz of cream cheese in this soup. No matter how you want to do the math, this is not healthy.
  4. Is there butter in this soup? Ha, you’re funny. No, but there is an entire block of cream cheese.
  5. Some people say that soup is better after it “marries” in the fridge overnight. Is that true with this soup? Absolutely. I would have rated the soup 3 stars yesterday and gave it a 3.75 today. (Out of a scale of 5. As an English teacher, I’ve been trained to hate referenceless scales — maybe more than non-specific directions about the size of soup can I should use.)