One potato, two potato

This list of new things that I’ve been trying is stacking up, so I’ve got to get them posted. I’ve made three, yep, count them, three new things this week. But, I’ll save those. First, I have to back up to last week. I did not fail to meet my goal of trying one new thing for the week; I just failed to post about it in a timely manner.

Time almost did run out on me to meet the goal. It was Saturday, and the hours were ticking down. But, I decided the weekly goal could be saved if I served a new side dish with the meatloaf that I was making my parents — preferably an easy side dish. The goal is to try something new every week not tear my hair out. So, I settled on crash hot potatoes.   Basically, these are baby red potatoes that are boiled. Then, they are put on a cookie sheet, mashed slightly, drizzled with olive oil, and sprinkled with sea salt and freshly ground pepper. I think it was the sea salt and freshly ground pepper that drew me in. How exotic and so not from shakers.

At the end of the day, these potatoes were tasty. The recipe says to leave them in the oven until they are slightly crisp, and that did add a nice crunch to them. I probably wouldn’t make them all the time though. I could just drizzle a baked potato in olive oil and sprinkle it with sea salt and freshly ground pepper. I’d miss the crunch, but I do love me some of those pre-washed, wrapped in plastic, ready for the microwave baked potatoes. I generally try to avoid the wastefulness of single serving, excessively packaged goods, but those potatoes are my guilty pleasure in the grocery store. And, they are so much easier to make than 20 or 30 some baby potatoes.

I would say that the potatoes I tried are a good choice for a dinner party where you want an added touch of elegance, but mine definitely didn’t mash like those ones on the recipe blog. If I’m being truthful, I probably could have snapped a picture and submitted it as a Pinterest fail. I was only a few mashes away from sprinkling sea salt and freshly ground pepper on fully mashed potatoes being cooked on a baking sheet. I think perhaps I didn’t let the potatoes boil quite long enough, which made them still rather firm and difficult to mash.

Also, the recipe won’t tell you this (because it’s basically common sense), but I will tell you this just to spare you a “duh” moment. Make sure your entire cookie sheet is on the counter before you start mashing. I did not, and I wound up almost dumping all the potatoes on the floor as I applied my masher to the section of the tray that did not have the counter supporting it. With my cat-like decent reflexes, I saved all of them but one potato. The dogs came running for that potato like they were heat seeking missles, so I had to finish mashing in a half-split so I could cordon off the hot potato with my foot to avoid doggie esophageal burns.