Eyesore of the neighborhood…fixed

This weekend was unseasonably warm for a Pennsylvania January, so I decided it would be foolish not to take advantage of the weather rising above 50 degrees. The hillside in front of the house has been begging for attention. Leaves fall into the bushes, making everything a big old mess. I manage to not think about it too often since I park in back of the house, but I bet the neighbors just love me.

I didn’t even make it past the front door after donning my sweatshirt. Two friends and I did a whirlwind of painting on the front porch door and windows longer ago than I care to admit. I told them being sloppy with the window glass was ok because I would scape off the excess later. Only, it wasn’t supposed to be that much later. Ah well, the front door looks like someone actually cares about the house again after my elbow grease and a little John Grisham ala audio book.

Next, it was time to pull all of the leaves out of the bushes. I prefer to wait until this time of the year for this task as long as it’s not so cold that I get frostbite. First, that means all the leaves are off the trees and done blowing around. The only thing more annoying than doing laundry while you know full well that the clothes you have on are the start of the next round of laundry is raking leaves while leaves are still falling. Second, the row of bushes closest to the sidewalk have some nasty thorns in them. I’m still a little scratched up now but not as bad as I would be if I pulled the leaves out wearing short sleeves. Finally, no snakes! I’ve never actually found a snake on the front hill, but rumor has it that Olive, the neighborhood cat, did kill a snake. And, readers of my blog know that if an animal species exists within a 50 mile radius of here, I’m not being overly imaginative to fear that it could make an appearance in my yard.

At the end of the day, the hill doesn’t look 100% awesome. The bushes are in their teen years, so I’ve had to let them get a little scraggly to get some height to them. And, I should consider a few new bags of mulch in the spring. But, at least the new growth of the bushes won’t get choked out by old leaves. Maybe the neighbors can even look at my house now without cursing the day that I moved in.

P.S. – I set up this post with a new gallery view, so clicking on the pictures will show the before and after in riveting detail if it’s really that exciting to anyone.