Avgolemono – say that three times fast

I can’t even say Avgolemono one time fast because I don’t know how to say it. But, it was one of three new recipes that I tried this week. And, it definitely won the prize for being the best, so I’ll save the best for last.

The goal, at least until the weather dictates that it’s salad season, for this semester is to make soups on Saturday or Sunday that I can take to work for lunch. On Sunday I ran to the grocery store to get ingredients and returned, thinking I would churn out two soups and have a fun little soup sampler for Sunday night dinner before I packed them up for lunches. That’s when I whipped out the one recipe to read slow cooker stuffed pepper soup.  I swear that sometimes you’d never know that I have an MA in English and that students’ information literacy skills development is entrusted to me. I wound up putting the soup together and waiting until midnight to turn on the crockpot, so I could let it cook all night and toss it in the fridge before I went to work. Let me tell you, this wasn’t my mama’s modified stuffed peppers. That’s why I’m not even going to bother posting the recipe. My mom’s modified stuffed peppers are better.

I also made some Hungarian Beef Goulash. It sounded so exotic, so adventurous, and so healthy since at 180 calories per serving, I could have scarfed down the entire crockpot of it and still have been ahead of the calorie count of many entrees at a restaurant. But, it tasted like beef  cubes with added onions. Maybe that’s being a bit dismal. The beef was tender and had some flavor, and in the interest of full disclosure, my readers should know that I try to only get one or two beef cubes in my bowl when I eat beef stew since they are my least favorite part. Maybe the recipe will grow on me as I continue to finish off the crockpot, but I doubt I’ll make this a keeper.

On to the good news, I thought the Avgolemono from Cooking Light was amazing. I don’t generally eat much Greek food, but this citrus  chicken soup was a treat. I’m interested to see how I like the soup the next time I make it. It’s not supposed to be a citrus chicken soup; it’s supposed to be a lemon chicken soup. But, I goofed while at the grocery store and missed the fact that lemon juice was on my list. It was those finely tuned information literacy skills at work again. I only had lime juice on hand, so I subbed in about half of the amount that the recipe called for (since that was all that was in the bottle). I guess if I don’t like it the next time that I make it with the proper ingredients, I could always go back to the lime juice version.

I think next week I’ll move back to more familiar territory since I had a 1 out of 3 success rate this week and am craving some Rice and Beans with Chicken and Chorizo. But, I made up for the lackluster dinner experience tonight by treating myself to a slice of my peanut butter “cheese ball.” 


2 thoughts on “Avgolemono – say that three times fast

  1. I forgot about avgolemono – it was one of those soups I frequently made for lunches when I lived in Illinois. I miss it…now I need to find a good substitute for orzo so it won’t upset my stomach. I’m inspired to start experimenting!

    • This recipe used long grain rice instead of orzo. I don’t know if that would work better for your stomach. I was so mad at myself. I put the last container of the soup in my lunchbag, and proceeded to leave my lunchbag on the counter as I left the house 🙁 Guess I’ll just have to make another batch.

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