Another Pinterest user or the apocalypse?

“Help! I found Pinterest”

That’s the earth shattering text I got from my sister after midnight. Nothing so far has proven to persuade me of an impending apocalypse, but this might be it.

Here are past conversations that my sister and I have had about Pinterest.

Me: Oh, you should see all these flowers that you can make out of paper and felt! I could put vases in every room, change out their flowers every season.

Her: You know, there are these things called stores. And, you can buy flowers in them.

Me: Aw…I saw the cutest little baby shower gifts the other day on Pinterest.

Her: I don’t have time for that. I’ll go to the store and buy cute things for babies.

So, in my general shock of learning that she had finally caved, I asked her what she was pinning and was told, “EVERYTHING.”  And, sure enough, all the breathy, giddy excitement of Pinterest was in that one word. She was learning that you can make amazing useful functional stuff out of trash. She’s already an advanced user since she’s already come up with the justification for using the site. It’s to support her future career as a wedding planner. Ha! Weddings, they suck people in all. the. time. I started laughing so hard, I nearly rammed my sewing needle through my finger, when my sister, who ranks quite low on the maternal scale at this point in her life, told me: “This might make me want children. Who else will make turkeys out of baby food jars and hand prints with me?”

I sense a bright future ahead for us now. I’m just picturing the gleam in her eye when I print out a coupon for A.C. Moore and offer to take her with me. Sibling bonding…it’s a beautiful thing.

Ok, after a double blog post (I figured that only a few of my friends fit into both the Pinterest and TED talk categories simultaneously), I really should go grade papers. I’ve want to get back to my top secret sewing project tonight, but my students are funny creatures. They like to know what grades they are earning.