Wildlife Sanctuary Closing

My backyard has a problem — a 64 foot wooden walkway that basically acts as a wildlife refuge and mosquito breeding farm. Though the walkway does allow me to get to the garage without getting muddy and though it’s easy to shovel in the winter, I haven’t liked the walkway since I moved in, especially since it’s built out of 2×4 wood — inappropriate building material for decking.

So, when I saw a stack of concrete blocks offered for free on Craigslist, I decided it was time to start rounding up the materials to put down a new walkway. One of my friends jumped in to help go pick them up with another saying she would drop by for a little bit to help. Then, this morning when I got to church, two more friends made it clear that they were not about to let me go try to pick up all those blocks with only one other person. They hadn’t even heard the sermon on living in community yet! I listened to the sermon grateful that I live in the midst of people who live out loving one another and putting others ahead of themselves. By the time all was said and done, those friends roped in two more people to help out. So, now, my garage contains over 120 concrete blocks weighing in at about 28 pounds a piece (according to the Home Depot site, experience would say they are much heavier).

The walkway is a little over 200 boards long, and Christmas is 148 days away. If I start ripping up a board a day, I can have the existing walkway 75% destroyed by Christmas.

3 thoughts on “Wildlife Sanctuary Closing

  1. Ripping up the wooden walkway is, hands-down, going to be the easiest part of this project. Use a circular saw to cut along the joists and you won’t have to “rip” a single board. I once helped someone lay a brick sidewalk… it’s a big job, but very doable with good planning.

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