Some Movie Watchin’

You’d think from this post and my previous one that all I’m doing this summer is sitting around, watching movies, and then blogging about them. I can assure you that’s not true. I’ve been working on school work as well. It’s the projects like curtain making and painting that are suffering as a result of my streaming Netflix subscription. Maybe I should be reading my Kindle while I eat, so I don’t get sucked into a movie. Somehow it’s easier to stop a book at the end of a chapter instead of stopping a movie mid-point. At any rate, for better or for worse, I’ve noticed some things and learned some things as I’ve been watching movies.

First, I’m a dork. I think I might have mentioned that before one or two or eight times on this blog. My latest eccentric habit is fueled by the Miss Marple TV series on Netflix. Series is one of those obnoxious English words that is identical in singular and plural, so I have to make it clear that there are two Miss Marple series on Netflix. I watch the exact same mystery nearly back to back from each series to see how the clues are incorporated differently. I just discovered the habit, so I’m sure it will get even more fascinating when I get a chance to read the book right before I watch the movies. So far, in case anyone cares, the 2004 version won over the 1986 version when it came to The Murder at the Vicarage. The introduction of clues in 1986 was clunky and scenes that seemed rather tangential were drawn out ad nauseam. Plus, two characters were removed entirely, removing a plot twist that spiced up the end of the 2004 version. (P.S. As a little research bonus for this blog, I found the blog of a kindred spirit classic mystery fan. I’ll have to remember this blog when I’m putting together my next book sale wish list.)

Next, I went on to watch Mark of Love, a romantic comedy. I’ve been avoiding romantic comedies like the plague since the breakup in March. But, I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about dating again. I can’t mope around forever, and I know I want to share life with someone. However, it’s probably a wee bit too soon to start watching romantic comedies. This one outlines one man’s five progressive dating relationships, each one ending when he gets spooked about taking the relationship to the next level. **Spoiler alert** Through a process of discovery, he finds he shouldn’t have run from one of the women; she really was perfect for him, so he comes back to her in this super cute, corny way and is willing to mesh his life with hers, which was pretty good (if unrealistic) thinking on his part since she was ready to move on. I did laugh a few times along the way in the movie, but I think the producers wanted me to feel all gushy at the end rather than expressing a sarcastic, “Well, good for her — and him.”  Recent years have left me doubting the value of the romantic comedy genre as a whole, and for now, I know I still need to keep finding love on my own terms without these overly simplistic story lines to frustrate me.

And, the final stop on my eclectic movie spree (that didn’t all take place today) was Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey. I’d never really given much thought to who controls Elmo; really, I’m not sure if I would have said it was a man or a woman if I would have thought about it. Today, I found out that the man behind Elmo is Kevin Clash, a rather muscular, rather tall, black man. I could have seen him in a photo line-up of 10 people, and he might have been my very last pick for who I would have expected to provide the voice and character of Elmo. Ok, maybe my seventh or eighth pick since he is friendly looking, and there probably would have been some grouchy people in the other photos. All surprise aside, the documentary provides a sentimental glance into Clash’s tenacious following of a dream that started before he was 10 and show the importance of the mentors who guided him along the way. Aside from that story, I also have a newly found appreciation for what goes on behind the scenes ofSesame Street.

I’m hoping that next week’s posts look a little different. Perhaps they’ll include some pictures of curtains.