Thankful Tuesday – Start of Summer Edition

I’m heading back to 14,000 Things to Be Happy About to find some inspiration for this start of summer edition of thankful Tuesday.

Pajamas at breakfast

I love being able to have leisurely mornings. I’m enjoying the new air conditioning in my room so much that one morning I woke up, put the dog out, then climbed back in bed to read some Agatha Christie. I also like being able to take a shower and let my hair dry at its own pace as I slowly gather momentum for the day.

Starting to make things happen

Summer won’t be all lazy. I’ve been working on my first faculty development workshop for the writing center, and  I need to kick my reading into high gear as I prepare for a new course in the spring. These things will keep me busy and help give summer a sense of purpose.

Picnic cooler colors

Ah, picnic cooler colors remind me that I’m leaving for the beach on Friday! My cooler is blue, but it’s out on loan right now. I don’t care what color the coolers are that our group members will contribute; I’m just glad that I get to spend the weekend with some great women eating lunch out of the coolers on the beach.

Confectioner’s sugar

Summer means time for baking, and I pulled out two new cupcake recipes — Cream Soda Toffee and Texas Chocolate — to make for tonight’s book study at church. The homemade icings took up their fair share of confectioner’s sugar as I took time to bake last night. Listening to a Wendell Berry novel about World War II and savoring my freedom to bake with the dishwasher whirring quietly in the background seemed like the perfect end to Memorial Day.