Moving the Library – check on the invisible bucket list

We’re so blessed as an institution to be moving into an absolutely gorgeous new student learning commons that will allow us to combine library and academic support services all under one roof. I’ve gotten a chance to take a peek inside this building from time to time, seeing it when it was just concrete floors, then seeing the walls go up, then seeing paint go on the walls. Now, the finishing touches are being put into the building, and I can’t wait to move into my new office in August. As I was moving in books today, I was finding all kinds of other places where I can get work done in the building — and there isn’t even furniture in place yet! It’s a bummer that I don’t have any pictures of the inside, but a pretty cool time lapse video of the view I’ve had of it going up from the outside can be accessed from here. If you’re looking at the left of the video, you can envision the small writing center kingdom where I will work right behind the decorative looking fence/wall on the top floor of the building. When the furniture goes in there, I might actually get giddy with excitement.

The past two days, I got to help move the library books. I’m such a nerd that I think if I had a bucket list the chance to help move a library would probably be on it. Yesterday, I helped crate up books in the old library. Today, I got to help shelve the books in the new library, and I took many, many, many trips up to the fourth floor with crates of periodicals that are awaiting shelving. I know, I know. It just sounds like mundane volunteer work, but I got to help move a LIBRARY. Libraries are only one of my favorite places.on.the.planet.

I’ll admit that I was pretty tired by the time my volunteer work was done today, and I give major props to our library staff who will be plugging away at the move all summer long. It’s going to be so exciting in the fall though to see how students will use this new building.


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