Thankful Tuesday – Rainy Day Version

Just a quick post tonight; I’m not using the book that kicked off thankful Tuesday last week. I’ll just list off two things that I’m thankful for.

First, I’m not done grading yet, but I’m close to it. And, I’m thankful that since I’m almost done I got the chance to go see my mom yesterday into today for mother’s day. I have a pretty bad habit of promising her gifts and then not completing them for a long time — like the family video project that’s still not quite done and like the upholstered headboards that are just a bag of batting and fabric on the floor right now. So, this year, I wanted her to get the bushes that she’s wanted to put in front of the house for some time now. So, she, my dad, and I all went over to Lowes in the rain, browsed through all the bushes, and trundled them home in the rain. Then, dad and I waited for a slight break in the rain and went out to plant them. They are in the ground, and it was good to go home for a little bit.

Second, I’m thankful for the way that God brings people into my life at just the right time for just the right circumstances. I’m surrounded by great friends who’ve been so supportive over the past couple months, but just a few weeks ago, I met a woman new to the church who was in a relationship for about the same time that I was in a relationship and who wound up seeing the relationship fall apart at about the same time as I was seeing my own life turn upside down. We wound up sitting together at a women’s event and just connected. Now, we’re in a good Tuesday night book discussion group, but what I love most is our talks on the sidewalk after the study. God knew that I needed someone who didn’t just have sympathy to offer but empathy. It’s like sometimes we’re reading each other’s mind as we share what we’re learning and how we’re processing things. And, I’m so grateful because it reassures me that I’m not going crazy; I’m going through a rough time. I can learn from her because we’re both digging into the same types of lessons, and I can burst into tears in the middle of the sidewalk — no apologies needed. I’d prefer not to have the circumstances at all for either of us; in my humanness, I just wish God would have made the relationships work in a healthy way for both of us, but since God is choosing this way to teach me new things, I’m thankful that God brought a fellow traveler along who’s walking the same portion of life’s journey right now. It’s one more sign of his faithfulness even in the midst of circumstances that I don’t like.