Whirlwind update

I kept having grandiose plans for blog posts over the past two weeks, and I kept being so exhausted by the end of the night that I couldn’t concentrate enough to pull my thoughts together much less punctuate them correctly. I’ve got to go skim 15 pages of a textbook and get in bed, so pretty much I’ve resigned myself to the fact that the past two weeks of life will have to be condensed to bullet points, which is really sad since these events would have made great blog posts. Oh well, here goes…

  • I made a quick one day trip to visit Todd in Virginia. That’s a lot of driving, but it was also the only day within a one month span that we spent together, so it was definitely worth it to make the trip. I declared that summer could not be quite over by wearing a sundress one more time, and then almost froze to death walking to dinner. But, it was a fun memory to make. Todd and I also enjoyed overhearing an SAT tutoring session while we were at the library; we’ve decided if we pool our brain power, we could make an awesome SAT prep duo. He’ll get students through the math, and of course, I’ll handle all the English. (No, SAT tutor, a semi-colon is NOT just like a period….I’m still cringing.)
  • I went on the communication program retreat. This was some last minute planning, and I’m still playing catch-up since I wasn’t home for the weekend. BUT, this wound up being a great chance to get to meet the new communication students. We got to take 17 with us on the retreat, which is awesome. We’re already have the number of students that we projected for year two of the program. I couldn’t help but look around during one of our discussion sessions and wonder where God will take these students in the future. God also worked it out so my personal Bible study connected beautifully with the retreat discussions. I love it when the Bible is so immediately relevant.
  • I tumbled into the new week with post-retreat shock. Those of you who have been on retreats know what I’m talking about — exhaustion, no groceries in the house, exploding email inbox, etc.
  • Then, I scrambled through the week, working on cleaning the house, teaching, putting in my writing center hours and trying to fit sleep in somewhere. Oh, and I also woke up sick on Monday. Oh, and I also worked on finalizing ALL of the arts and sciences classes that need to be taught next winter, spring, and summer and finished projecting which courses need to be offered next fall. So, basically, the bottom line is that I was a slacker for pretty much the whole week.
  • Friday initiated the start of  the homecoming weekend. This deserves its own set of bullet points.
    • I taught with parents in both of my classes. This always scares me to death, and this fear is almost always needless (there was that unsolicited advice that one year, but…). This year one of the parents found me at the concert and told me she enjoyed the class. I thought that was very kind of her.
    • I ate lunch, proceeded to feel so sick that I thought I was going to vomit, and then laid on the floor in my office for 45 minutes since I had obligations at the school from 2-4 that I would have felt bad ducking out of.
    • I came home, put the dog out.
    • Then, I got to go back to the school for an AMAZING concert by Keith and Kristyn Getty, who are modern hymn writers. Their Irish accents are delightful; they and their band have so much talent I’m surprised they don’t explode with it, and their hymn lyrics are so profound that two lines of them could make people sit down to think about them for an hour.
    • Then I went to the pep rally since I’m the senior class advisor. The seniors won the banner for the fourth year in a row! So far as we can tell, this is the first time in LBC history that this has happened. I wish we had definitive numbers because I feel like attendance at the pep rally had hardly dropped since freshman year for the class, and I was so proud of them because they’ve transitioned from freshman year where I had to be very involved in getting them enthusiastic and reminding them to conduct themselves withgraciousness to this year where they orchestrated everything on their own and won with school spirit that was supportive of the whole student body (except for maybe that part where the class t-shirts for the year claimed the banner before it was officially won…but hey, when you’re the reigning champs, some allowances can be made).
    • Friday night was no biggie; it just needs a separate set of bullet points
      • I tried to help a student jump his car after the pep rally.
      • Deogi ran outside and got into a battle with an opossum; no bites were exchanged, but enough racket was made to get the neighbors outside at 1:30 in the morning.
      • The dryer just decided not to turn on.
    • Then, I was the pizza delivery person for the class, running out to get our two batches of pizza.
  • And, then the weekend finished. I got to sleep in until I naturally awoke on Sunday morning, played with pleasant babies in the nursery, caught up with a friend at lunch, took a nap, graded blogs, and went to the grocery store.
  • Tomorrow my mom and dad come to spend 3 days helping me finish house projects.

Um.. so much for the short update…time to skim those pages and get in 5 hours of sleep. New week, here I come, whether I’m ready for you or not.

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  1. Loved this, and love that you took the time to bullet-point for us. I prescribe some Ben & Jerry’s, a mindless movie, and sleeeeeep. Soon. :> xoxo

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