Off to a good start

It was nice on Friday to be able to tell my students that I was proud of them. By the time I was ready to finish grading homework around 10 pm Thursday night, all of my Intro to Comp students had posted their journals. That meant nobody was scrambling to get their journals posted right before class on Friday morning. And, some of the journals were really fun reads too. I read one student’s memories about his grandfather that were so sweet, and another student took the initiative to track down a creative writing prompt site, and she wrote this fun creative writing piece from the perspective of a wedding bouquet. She got so into it that she reached the word limit and has to give me part 2 next week.

And, it looks like 6 out of 22 students have posted their tentative topics for their blog assignments (though I know already that one of the topics selected won’t work). These topic proposals aren’t due until 8 am Monday morning. At this point in my career, anytime a student gets work done more than 24 hours ahead of a deadline, I consider it a major win. And, beyond the students who have the topics posted, I know there are a few who took the initiative to talk to me in person about their topic selections; they just haven’t finalized them to their blogs yet.

And, I was able to spend about 2 hours at the office tonight starting to get all the course planning pulled together for next fall and spring. The longer I’m department chair, the less daunting this task gets. But, I do already see some rough water ahead. At least I know where I need to concentrate my effort over the next two weeks as I prepare to finalize those schedules.

Sometimes I wish we could just take all this beginning of the semester initiative and bottle it up to be used later in the semester too. For now, I’ll enjoy the students staying on top of things.