Sprucing up the outdoors

Tonight I got home from work and pressure washed most of the back deck and fence (or at least the parts of the fence that could be washed without killing the neighbor’s flowers). I should have waited until I was done washing everything to eat dinner because I ran out of daylight about 30 minutes before I ran out of fence to wash. It seems like the days are getting shorter and shorter at an alarming rate. I already miss late evening sun, and it’s not even fall yet.

Tomorrow, here is the list of things that could get done outside:

  • Pressure wash the smelly alley between my house and the neighbor’s house
  • Clean front sidewalk
  • Patch front sidewalk
  • Trim front bushes
  • Put down mulch
  • Deal with the disaster under the tree by the road (I put down rock, but it keeps scattering; I need to check out alternative solutions)
  • Seal decks
  • Seal fence
  • Paint around front windows
  • Wash porch and rockers on the porch
  • Pressure wash front railing and spray paint to cover the rust
  • Spray paint mailbox
  • Paint trim beneath back porch
  • Paint front and back doors
  • Trim back bushes

That’s definitely not a one day list by any means. But, I’m going to see how much I can chip away at it tomorrow. One of the writing center tutors volunteered to come help, and her company will be most welcome. Even if she just stays for one project, that’s helpful when the list is long. I’d better get ready for bed; I have to start the day with a morning run to Lowes to buy paint supplies and deck stain.