Let’s think about this

I’d like to circulate a plea to gas stations to change something about the winter routine.

It feels like the arctic tundra outside, and I had to get gas. Ugh. Let me just say that even if it cost me a few more cents a gallon, I would gladly pay for the convenience of having someone else pump my gas when it’s this cold outside.

Anyway, I cruise in the gas station, and here is the current routine.

Machine: “Swipe payment card.”

Me: Steady my shaking hand enough to slide the card into that tiny slot. Thank goodness I read the vague picture correctly and got the magnetic strip facing the correct way on the first try.

Machine: “Do you have an A+ rewards card.”

Me: Frantically hitting “no” and not caring how many rewards points I’m passing up.

Machine: Debit or credit

Me: Thinking, “I’m going to leave my right arm in a minute because it’s going to freeze and drop off my body.”

Machine: Select octane and lift lever.


Whew! Four steps before the gas even starts flowing, so I can stand out in the cold while the tank fills. Really, can’t there be some kind of express setting for winter?